1. yoyonaki:


    I think it would be better if I just make a separate commission page for digital only commission!

    HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS (new and old)! I am opening commission just for people who wants to commission digital stuff only! Since I’m on summer break, I have a lot of time to work on commission works. Plus I need money for AX prints (but I will close this commission if I do get this job I applied yesterday).

    The canvas size for both Flat and Flat + painting will be:

    1200 dpi (height or width…depends on the composition)!

    For Painting it would be around:

    2550 dpi x 3300 dpi (8in x 11in)

    If you have any more question, please message me OR email me! Plus you can pay me before or after I finish my commission! Also my paypal email is the same as my main email!!!

    I’m going to open five slots (and if the list is full, I’ll put you on wailist!!!)

    Thank you guys and have a nice day~!!!!

    reblogging this to let you know that I have three slots left!!!


  2. pa-luis:

    ShonenJump.com just announced the return of HUNTER x HUNTER!

    You can also check the news on Sasaki’s twitter (the manager of Shonen Jump) and read the full info on Animenews.



  3. feeniekin:

    happy birthday kyuuseii lmao its a bit late in the day but i drew a quick killua for you

    Jfsjsjjdkdm THANK YOU SO MUCH LYNN!!! (′▽`〃) what a ikemen kil~


  4. Weeps I’m 21 now
    What an old geezer

  5. kyuuseii:


    Ay yo guys I’d like some advice
    Would anyone be interested in having this style of jojo fanart on buttons?
    I know it’s more common to have chibi buttons but I can’t really bring myself to chibify buff jojo characters lol…
    Thank you (´・ω・`)

  6. inkbits:

    You know what’s not cool? THIS. 

    I always thought I was not as popular as other artists, so I felt that my stuff was not even worth being re-posted. Guess what I was wrong.  It irks me, it pisses me off that they didn’t even provide a link (even though the watermark is visible) back to the original source. How fucking lazy and ignorant can you be to grab a drawing and just post it on facebook with “© To The Owner” NOT EVEN MY URL OR PSEUDONYM, THAT IS WRITTEN ON THE DRAWING, IS ON THE ‘CREDIT’ SECTION. This is not the first time. I have seen my drawings -the ones without watermark at least- on pinterest. Not only will I start adding watermarks on all my drawings but they won’t be bigger than 500px either ever. I am aware some people have it worse, but I am in my right to complain how some jerks don’t even ask for permission.

    If you ever think about re-posting anything. DO NOT. You need to stop. Also I hate using my real facebook to step up since I don’t want people to find me there; I’m glad my friend spotted it and warned me about it though. Hey I’m cool as long as you ask for permission and to be honest I am a nice person irl, but common decency is needed to keep me being nice, too. 

    Worse is that facebook page is full of drawings from artists that originally uploaded them to tumblr some  of them are my friends’, too. They even re-post photosets. Just because you see stuff in the internet does not mean it is free and you are entitled to do whatever you want with it. STOP YOUR BULLSHIT. ALWAYS ASK.


  7. yoyonaki:



    HEY YO! My spring term just ended today and I need some cash for AX prints and such!

    My commission price range from$40 ~ $100 and if you commission me INK or GOUACHE, I am going to mail it to you! (I can ship international too!!!) MY INK/GOUACHE COMMISSIONS ARE ALL CLOSED!!!

    and I’m going to write down the size just in case (also the links are example works)!!!

    INK - 8in x 11in

    FLAT DIGITAL - 1200px x 1200px / 4in x 4 in (300dpi)

    FASHION ILLUST size is 2400px x 2400px / 8in x 8in (300dpi)

    GOUACHE - 13in x 17in

    Also Please no R18 commissions!

    I accept paypal only and PLEASE PAY ME AFTER I FINISH YOUR COMMISSION!!! I’m only going to open four slots only so if you want commissions from me…but right now there are three slots left for digital commissions!

    My EMAIL: hagyunglee@gmail.com

    updated some few stuff!!! Since I’m going to have a lot of time (well depends on my internship LOL) and I need money for AX prints (and other stuff like for myself), I decided to open commissions again.

    My ink and gouache commissions are all full (and I’ve finished them but didn’t have time to scan cuz of school) but my fashion illust/digital commissions are open!

    if you have any more question, let me know!!!


  8. Reupload…

  9. I mustered all the cuteness left in my old withered soul and threw it into this cheeb…gonna print this on keychains and buttons for comic market!

    was gonna post this in a set but…ahh my motivation for cheebs are not great um gonna go work on some prints instead

    laughs because I never finish anything

  10. today’s progress

    gonna go take a nap soon….

  11. So it was sangcoon's birthday a couple days ago….so here Lynn have a Christa in your own style LOL

    ok not really I tried

    unexpectedly kinda fun I should do style studies more often

  12. </doodles> turned 3 today!

    Ayyy thanks guys for sticking with me! I’ll be back to drawing tmr~

  13. ameru:

    HI!! Thank you for 7000 followers \o/!!!!!! I’m really intimidated and floored tbh.. Thank you for everyone’s messages and comments, likes and reblogs <33 I’m really grateful for everyone’s support!

    I’ve been meaning to let go of this set for a while, and I think now is a good occasion! This was very lightly used, so almost brand new!

    Rules for giveaway

    • ends Thursday 17th april 2014
    • must be a follower
    • one reblog, one like only
    • please have inbox open!!

    Thank you guys!! <33

  14. I know I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s an old FF!Kirigiri and AE doodle~ If you want to see me whine about stuff/occasionally post doodles please follow my twitter: kuinobloom

  15. Eat you heart out.