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  2. 【aureole】


  3. Commissions Open!



    Heyy guys! I’m now taking commissions.

    I’ve been in between jobs for awhile since the earlier part of the year and life decided to deal a huge blow just recently. In any case, I still need to support myself and my commitments thus I figured I should work on commissions. :D;

    More info about prices, samples, how to contact me and whatnot can be found here!

    Thanks for your time in reading and reblogs will be very very much appreciated ;v; Thank you again!!


  4. 5 facts!!

    "share 5 random things about yourself, then pass it on to ten of your followers"

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    Passes the cooties to y’all: resonanzen sangpai cloudmelon myfloatingdreams pokocoo monsieurjaune soulhorizon pierrotsdoll (that’s not ten but close enough??)

    rest is under the cuttttt


  5. More work sketches!

  6. Doodle from work ^q^

  7. And the sea whispered into my ear,


    here’s a jona for you, hope you had a great day :))))


  9. 匿名ユーザーの発言:: holy shit ur art is beautiful

    wahh thank you so much kind anon!! (●´∀`●) It means a lot to me that you enjoy my drawings~ I will keep working hard! :))

  10. Just some crops for comparison…^Q^

    I was really unsatisfied and didn’t know how to proceed with the first one, so a week ago I started a completely new draft! I feel like now the image has a lot more depth and looks more believable :))

  11. It’s finally done! Long overdue commission for my friend: this is her Acrobat, Super Swaggy Sephin~ Thanks for carrying me through all those abyss dungeons lmao

    I hope you like it~

  12. More charcoal stuff…suppose to be 8 min but I didnt stop ahahaha……orz

  13. Learning how to charcoal….

  14. I drew something and decided to put an obnoxious filter on it gomen

  15. study! (reference)

    sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately! I’ve been kinda busy at work so by the time I get home I have no energy to draw x_x but I’m trying to get back into it!

    on a side note, I’m taking some drawing/painting lessons on the weekend, hopefully it’ll help me improve! :^)